Blade: Re.Action is an ARPG Blockchain game where you can enjoy stylish action and character growth.
There are 4 different characters and various equipment that you can combine for exciting gameplay!
Dimension Gate

This is a place where you can test your strength with the
characters and equipment that you have raised so far.
You will battle against demons spawned from other dimensions
on a regular basis.

The Dimension Gate consists of a number of stages and there
are special rules for each dimension. The player will need to
develop a strategy that brings out the best in every hero in order
to defeat the final boss.

A record of heroes that fought in the Dimension Gate will be
kept, and you can compete with other players. The winners will
get Dark Crystals, one of the in-game currencies
in Blade: Re.Action.

Dark Crystals can be exchanged for ‘BLART’,
which is an essential currency.

What is BLART?

A unique utility token that is used in Blade: Re.Action.

BLART is a digital asset that allows for the exchange of assets
between the game world and the real world.