• First high-quality 3D mobile action
    RPG developed on Unreal Engine!

  • Upon launching in 2014:
    #1 popular game on App Store, Korea
    #1 grossing game, Google Play, Korea
    #4 grossing game, Google Play, global

  • First action RPG to surpass
    5 million downloads

  • First hardcore RPG game to
    succeed on mobile platform,
    which was dominated by casual
    games until then


With the darkness sealed in the Soulsword, ​​Elysion once again flourished under the rule of Argon Kingdom - at least for a while...​ With the Humans' greed and lust for power, a long downfall spiral of violence began. ​The aristocracies of Argon Kingdom fought to ascend the throne,​ leaving Elysion drenched in blood. ​With the kingdom's venerable heroes scattering in disgust with the nobles,​ the darkness was once again awoken by bloodshed in a war of power lust. ​Fallen angels and demons are warming toward Elysion to resurrect the darkness.​ Archangel Ramiel appears before the heroes, delivering an oracle to stop the resurrection of the darkness.​ It is now up to the heroes to defeat the army of darkness so that Elysion may rise again.​ The battle for the fate of Elysion begins.​


LEO - Warrior

Narae - Wizard


  • Normal Dungeon

    Character progression & story

  • PvP Battle

    1:1 battle – just you and one other player

  • Arena

    10 players – every man for himself

  • Infinity Dungeon

    Compete against players with max level

  • Team Battle

    5:5 battle – steal opponent’s crown while guarding your own

  • Guild Battle

    Guilds come together to fight the Gatekeeper and other guilds