• Sequel to <BLADE>

  • Best graphics and action on mobile
    Console game=like narrative

  • #1 popular game on iOS
    #2 popular game on Google Play


Blade… the story continues, after 100 years.
Darkness will return when the lights fade.

Did you know that there was a war 100 years ago between the good and evil?
Archangel Ramiel and the heroes had defeated Magnus and had sealed him into an abyss.
However, after 100 years a new evil force is spreading throughout the world. It had awakened Magnus from his deep sleep.
It is said that Ramiel is currently recovering in the Fairy Forest, and that there are a number of new heroes that have
come together and are heading to Elysium to fight off the evil along side Ramiel.


  • Fighter

    “I am right. I am justice."

  • Assassin

    “I will have my vengeance"

  • Wizard

    “I kind of like this"

  • Fighter

    “Is that all you got?"